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Our Philosophy is to Engage You as a Partner

We are aware that the security industry is growing rapidly and that we have to be alert to opportunities if we are to succeed. Your cost of doing business is increasing and profit margins are tighter, while your competition continues to look for new ways to upend your business. The value of alarm companies and alarm contracts have steadily declined over the past five years and you now have to address non-response ordinances and increased governmental regulation.

It is clear that in order to tackle these challenges many of you will require professional assistance, whether it’s to acquire a competitor, sell your company or accounts, seek financing to leverage your assets, or get help in managing key areas of your business. The industry has developed new and innovative technologies to address the many changes taking place in the marketplace. We are uniquely positioned because of our operating background to assist our clients in both marketing and financial questions. We are networked professionals with a depth of experience that can help you achieve your goals. Our mission at SFA is to “provide superior support and financial resources to our clients so that they are enabled to succeed beyond their own expectations.”


Industry Credentials...

Security Funding Associates is a boutique investment banking firm that provides advisory services, financial and operating solutions, and specialized client-defined assignments. Originally founded by Tony Smith, SFA incorporates over twenty years of management expertise and financial dealmaking in the security alarm industry. SFA has an industry-wide reputation for integrity, influence, knowledge of the marketplace, and mutually profitable relationships with our clients.

SFA closely monitors and evaluates the rapidly evolving ecosystem of our industry. As our industry changes, so do the opportunities available to our clients. We are committed to offering our clients quality professional services in the strictest of confidence. SFA specializes exclusively in private, small to mid-market companies in the security alarm industry and related cash flow based industries.

SFA is actively involved with the various major industry associations to maintain awareness of the trends, opportunities, and challenges facing the industry. We have managed three alarm companies successfully and profitably divested them. This combination of experience and industry leadership has allowed us to forge mutually profitable relationships with our clients.

Our founder Tony Smith is an active member and co-founder of the Greater Los Angeles Security Alarm Association (GLASAA). Additionally, he is a continuing member of the California Alarm Association (CAA) and the Electronic Security Association (ESA). Smith is a past President of the CAA and former member of the Board of Directors of ESA.

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