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Setting the course for Security Dealer Success.

The strength of the security industry lies in its Recurring Revenue Structure. It is completely dependent on the commitment of customers to purchase and pay for the equipment installation and the monitoring in two separate processes.


EQUITY+PLUS, Brought to you by Security Funding Associates, addresses the greatest needs in security funding and solves those challenges with a powerful new program. The EQUITY+PLUS financing program allows dealers to gain the working capital they need to build and strengthen their business while completely retaining the monitoring contract’s ownership and equity.

How It Works

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EQUITY+PLUS combines the monitoring and the creation cost, plus a profit margin, in the same installment loan package to help secure the stability of the consumer’s payment process. EQUITY+PLUS monitoring agreements are not Installment sales contracts, despite the fact they have strong provisions for our customers to pay a fixed amount over the contract term. With EQUITY+PLUS, this creates an immediate cash flow of approximately 50+ of the dealer’s monitoring rate.

Top Advantages of EQUITY+PLUS

  • • Convenient 1-payment to the customer
  • • Assurity the monitoring service is always active
  • • No need for free installations or free equipment
  • • Down-payment belongs to the dealer
  • • No chargebacks, no recourse, no loans to repay
  • • Alarm dealer still owns the monitoring contract and equity
  • • Increased likelihood of customer renewal

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