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Financial Services


We are uniquely positioned to provide specialized consulting services to our dealers and clients. Our programmed work process dictates how we perform these services and directs strict adherence to ethics and confidentiality.

SFA has participated in over 100 purchase and sale transactions, valued in excess of $65 million, over the past 20 years. We approach each client, large or small, with the same rigorous process. Our first task is to value the assets to be sold and prepare a descriptive electronic brochure illustrating the features and benefits of the assets to a purchaser. We then advise the owner how to prepare his or her company for sale, and the value of conducting an internal due diligence. We prepare the owner for the buyer’s due diligence and ensure that the owner and his or her attorney know what to expect in a purchase contract. Most importantly, whether you are purchasing, selling, or financing, there is a process to be followed and SFA knows the steps to take and when to take them.

We are particularly skilled in assisting clients in the development of debt financing collateralized by alarm monitoring contracts. Senior Debt and Individual Contract Financing are two areas of emphasis. Additionally, we service clients who seek to add private equity to grow their business.

Alarm dealers who wish to capitalize their company through the ongoing sale of some or all of their newly created alarm contracts will find that SFA is uniquely experienced and has a national reputation in this area. SFA was a direct participant in a dealer program where it was creating over 3,000 new contracts per month with low attrition. SFA has also been retained by several regional companies to assist in the design and creation of a residential dealer program.  SFA is currently focused on the delivery of an Individual Contract loan financing solution (Equity+Plus) to a national dealer group and an equipment manufacturer’s own dealer affinity group.

We have recently developed expertise in providing alarm licensing consulting services to a wide variety of clients.  Our clients currently include a large national communications company, a regional marketing company, and a multi-product sales organization.

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