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With Security Funding Associates, a lack of consumer financing never needs to hinder the consumer’s ability to access your security products and services. We focus on providing debt-free capital solutions that remove objections and give the customers the incentive they need to say YES.

Even If You Have Superior Products and Services, You Will Lose to a Competitor’s Inferior Products and Services If You Do Not Overcome This Barrier.

Gain the Advantage with Security Funding Associates

SFA’s Specialized Security Funding is here to empower qualified homeowners with access to $0 Down, 0% APR security system loans. The program is an exciting new tool that removes barriers on both sides of the equation and provides homeowners and renters with new security system opportunities.

Expands security sales within the homeowner and rental markets

Save on Billing and Pass Throughs

Every Customer is Profitable from Day 1

Receive 2x the Multiple of a Dealer Program or more

You Own the Contract and Renewals

One Bill with Monitoring Included in the Loan

Central Stations with Reduced Rates

No Chargebacks, No Holdbacks, No Recourse, No Risk

Security Funding Associates is the only financing firm that allows the dealer to bundle security installation and alarm monitoring over the term, so there is only one amount for the customer to pay to the bank.

Simplified Financing for Smart Homes

Smart technologies are integral to today’s home security. We ensure that dealers and integrators never lose a customer due to limited financing options. By offering consumer financing for smart home technologies, we open the door to you and your potential customers!

Fast Credit Decisions

Approve More Deals With Better Customers

Debt with Consumer, Not the Dealer

Our Partners for Your Equity — Builder Program

3 Easy Steps

1. Contact Security Funding Associates

2. Attract New Customers

3. Close More Sales

From Our Clients

“SFA allowed for my security company to grow by funding us quickly according to our projections. This allowed us to expand sales, bring on more staff, and provide needed training and equipment Highly recommended for anyone looking to grow their company to the next level!"
~ George P., Superior Alarm.

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