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Loan Programs


Get the Sustainable Working Capital You Need.

EQUITY+PLUS is the multi-pronged financing tool that bridges the cash you need today with the equity creation that is the promise of tomorrow. Our solution is one of three general alternatives that best fits your specific situation.

Equity + Plus New Contract Financing

Loan That Pays For Itself

For dealers who have strong sales skills, the solution may be a short term loan (24-48 months) that pays the cost of a customer’s installation. The net revenue from the new customer pays the lender and central station expense. You will generate immediate cash flow from the customer down payment and the loan advance for your selected term. At the end of the loan term, each customer will begin paying you directly because each of the customers entering this program continues to belong to you. The terms are simple, the contract processing is quick, and all of the residual cash flow will belong to you. 

Equity + Plus Acquisition Financing

Scale Up. Grow Fast.

In the event that you want to grow your business by acquisition, and wish to borrow from a financial institution, a bank loan is unlikely unless you have family money or other assets to secure the loan.  It will be important that you have enough recurring revenue (number of accounts x average monthly monitoring) to demonstrate sufficient equity to a financial institution. Additionally, you will find it in your best interest to understand the lenders criteria before you complete negotiations with the seller of the accounts. Acquisition financings typically have a hold-back amount for a period of time, which effectively becomes part of the financing.

Equity + Plus Financing Through Sale of Accounts

Your Blueprint to Success

If you’re a dealer in the small to medium-sized space, you understand the long-term value of building equity. Working capital is difficult to accumulate unless you have other assets or a family that is able to offer assistance. Everyone should have a business plan that illustrates how they will capitalize and plan to build long term equity. The Equity + Plus Financing Through Sale of Accounts is the sale of newly generated accounts to Dealer Programs that support their dealers and realize their importance to retaining the customer.  This program assists you in raising the working capital needed and helps you establish a strong business plan and marketing and sales strategy. We help you manage your revenue properly and make it sustainable by utilizing your monthly profits to “buy” your own created accounts, as if you were your own dealer program. 

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