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Banks are Leaving Our Industry in Droves!


It was close, but not now!  SFA (Security Funding Associates) is bringing a new financing program, EQUITY +PLUS, to the security marketplace, one that is unrivaled by anything we have seen in recent years. Some in the financing community have come to realize that the security industry’s strength lies in our Recurring Revenue Structure and the commitment of our customers to purchase and pay for the equipment installation and the monitoring. Our Monitoring agreements are not Installment sales contracts, despite the fact they have strong provisions for our customers to pay a fixed amount over the contract term.

This innovative financing firm realized that combining the monitoring and creation cost (plus a profit margin) in the same installment loan package helps secure the consumer’s payment process’s stability. No longer does the customer have to make two payments each month. No longer does the customer wonder whether his monitoring service is active.

Are you part of that group of dealers who cannot create enough working capital to manage your business successfully without selling accounts? Are you not big enough to get a bank line of credit (if there was one to get)?  Bank financing will loan 17 to 22 multiple of your account base. Selling accounts will generate a multiple of 30x to 40x, less holdbacks, and chargebacks, and you still must pay for the installation.


The concept of this new program is really quite simple. Combine the monitoring and installation amounts into the installment sale.  This will create an immediate cash flow of approximately 50+ of the dealer’s monitoring rate.  There is no need for free installations or free equipment, plus any down-payment belongs to the dealer. Unlike bank loans or purchase programs, there are no chargebacks, no recourse, no bank loans to repay, and the alarm dealer still owns the monitoring contract and the equity.  The customer will probably renew, and the dealer can bill the monitoring each month thereafter and sell when he is ready to sell.


For further information, contact Tony Smith / Founder and President of Security Funding Associates / and past President of the CAA.  He is a licensed California alarm dealer and current member of TMA.  He may be reached at (855) 723-2229 or tsmith@securityfundingassociates.com.

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